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Vice Chairman’s Message

Vice Chairman’s Message

Miteri Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized outsourced manpower, skilled, and non-skilled in all types suitable for businesses. Few years in the business, we have witnessed that manpower and recruitment have a great impact in the growth of a company. The world of employment procedures become demanding and increasingly more complex all over the world.

Miteri Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has a reliable sources and networks specializing our recruiters, marketers, and key sectors to find our clients a quick and efficient onboarding and deployment. We are here as an experts and consultants who understands your role and industry requirement. Based on our local knowledge and global expertise, we help you overcome and provide effective solutions when it comes to manpower provider, to make your business strive in the globally competitive market in business sectors.

“When you want to be the best, dont say it. Prove it.” -Yasmin Manansala

Yasmin Manansala

Vice Chairman